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Nutrition of Newborn Kids

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Nutrition of Newborn Kids: Colostrum and Bottle-Feeding

Colostrum is the first thick yellowish milk produced by the doe after giving birth. Colostrum contains maternal antibodies that help the goat kid develop its immune system to fight diseases. …

Feeding Management

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Nutritional Feeding Management of Meat Goats

Goats raised for meat need high quality feed in most situations and require an optimum balance of many different nutrients to achieve maximum profit potential. This publication covers nutritional requirements …

Plants Poisonous to Livestock

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Poisonous Plants to Livestock

A guide to many of the plants, shrubs, and flowers that are poisonous to animals.


NC Planting Guide Forage Crops

Grazing/Browsing Behavior-Management-Grazing Research

Forage Needs for Goats and Sheep

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Matching Forages to the Nutrient Needs of Meat Goats

Grazing behavior and nutrient requirements in forages for meat goats is discussed in this factsheet.

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Co-Grazing Meat Goats and Beef Cattle Has Many Advantages

This factsheet presents several advantages to co-grazing meat goats and beef cattle.

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Forage Needs and Grazing Management for Meat Goats in the Humid Southeast

This factsheet offers information on forage needs for meat goats, as well as typical grazing behavior.

Control of Invasive Vegetation

Ecosystem Management with Meat Goats-Part1

Ecosystem Management with Meat Goats-Part2

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